September 30, 2014

Chocolate No Bake Cookie Bars {The New Healthy No Bake Cookie! ….made with Coconut Oil}

If you are looking for a healthy clean eating sweet treat, you are in luck.  Chocolate No Bake Cookie Bars are the bomb!

I recently found this recipe I had pinned on Pinterest back in February of last year and have been meaning to make them for some time now.  Who doesn't love  America's Classic Chocolate No Bake Cookies?

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September 25, 2014

Chili Smothered Burritos {Using El Monterey frozen burritos}

When my children were school age, Chili Smothered Burritos were on our monthly menu rotation a couple of times.  We would have them on a weeknight that was going to be a busy one. We would have them before a football night or a Wednesday night before church.  I always serve them with Mexican Salad and Spanish Rice.  That was what you might call a ritual.  We couldn't have one without the other.  

I remember when my son was going to Baylor, and he would call home, and before I got off the phone, he would ask what were we having for supper.   I would say Chili Smothered Burritos….and he would say…with Mexican Salad and Spanish Rice?  He knew the answer.   

He still request this menu when he brings his family home for a visit.  Recently, I have added Sopapilla Cheesecake for our dessert.  Keeping the Mexican theme going!  

These are not only easy to make they are SUPER easy to make.  You want fast?  You got fast.  They take less than ten minutes to bring them together and then you pop them in the oven for them to do their easy deliciousness.  Yum!  I am drooling just writing this post.  

This is a wonderful recipe that will keep you out of fast food restaurants and your family sitting at the dinner table. 

Don't forget to buy your frozen burritos and have them available when you are ready to make this recipe.  

Hope you get to make some soon.  Enjoy!

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September 22, 2014

Strawberry Pie Filling Fruit Salad

Strawberry Pie Filling Fruit Salad is the easiest fruit salad you will ever make.  My husband adores this stuff.  Actually, he loves fruit period.  He eats this fruit salad for dessert more times than a salad.  

This fruit salad being our favorite I make it all the time.  It packs easy to carry to potlucks, family gatherings, and even leave in the refrigerator and have ready for when you pack school lunches. Another plus, is that you can serve it room temperature or cold, which is perfect for picnics, before or after funerals, or families coming home with a new baby.  

Strawberry Pie Filling Fruit Salad is super easy to make, starting with draining four different canned fruits very well and then folding in strawberry pie filling.  Did I say it was easy?  

Don't forget the holidays coming up.  We enjoy this fruit salad all year around, but it makes for a very festive fruit salad during the holidays.  Hope you get to make some before then.  Enjoy!

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September 14, 2014

Creamy Skillet Lasagna

The recipe for Creamy Skillet Lasagna has been floating around Pinterest for a while now, and I thought I would give it a try using ingredients I had on hand and make it for my husband.  

My husband is a huge fan of lasagna, and I am not always willing to take the time to make the sauce, boil the noodles and then assembling it.  

I love the recipes that can be adjusted to ingredients your family particularly likes. 

What turned me on to this style of cooking lasagna, is that you cook it in a one pot skillet and it can be ready in less than 30 minutes.  I love the fact that the uncooked noodles are broken up and cooked with the sauce at the same time.  A Win Win recipe!!

Hands down this is one of the best skillet recipes I have ever made.  With classic flavors and cheesy layers, this recipe will be made again and again.  

Hope you get to make this quick classic recipe soon.  Enjoy!

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