July 21, 2014

Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread

Have you every heard of yellow squash in a quick bread recipe?  I was first introduced to it last summer  by my daughter.  I love to bake with zucchini in bread, but never had made any with summer yellow squash.    

Last summer we had an overabundance of yellow summer squash from our garden, so I decided to freeze it shredded in two-cup measurements and add it to soup and spaghetti sauce throughout the year.  This summer I still had a few in the freezer so I decided to try and make a quick bread.   Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread is a new favorite! 

Blueberries and Summer squash are in season right now so why not combine the two and make bread.  

I like to use vanilla bean paste when I have it available.  It's the best.  If you don't, regular vanilla will be fine. 

This easy quick bread  has a little tartness of the lemon zest in the batter and the glaze which sends it over the top.  

It is absolutely fabulous!

Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread is the perfect quick bread for a summer celebration!

We enjoyed this bread with a cup of coffee every morning until it was all gone.  Hope you get to make some real soon.  Enjoy!

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July 20, 2014

Inspirational Thoughts #13 You Are

You are the song, 
You are the song I'm singing
You are the air, 
You are the air I'm breathing 
You are the hope, 
You are the hope I needed
You are 
This song ministered to Jim and I so much. I want to share with you and hope you are ministered to also. Enjoy!

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July 8, 2014

Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Sticks

Summer is in full swing here in Texas and vegetable gardens are pretty much still producing including cucumbers, squash and zucchini.

Zucchini is a vegetable that has really taken the limelight in recent years.  Cooks around the world have discovered ways to turn them into delicious sweet treats like muffins, cakes, pancakes and all kinds of quick breads.

In savory dishes, it is the first vegetable of choice when it comes to low calorie and carbohydrate foods for dieters, me included.  

I love the taste of this summer vegetable almost as much as I do potatoes, which brought about this recipe for Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Sticks. 

These are super easy to make and I baked them instead of frying them to make them a little healthier.  

I dipped them in egg whites, and then in a parmesan pecan bread crumb mixture, and placed them on a rack in a baking sheet pan , and baked them, Oh, so good!

I served them with Homemade Ranch Dressing for dipping.

These are super delish!  I hope you get to make some real soon while the zucchini is plentiful in your garden.

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June 26, 2014

Strawberry Vanilla Wafer Icebox Pie {A Southern No-Bake Pie!}

Icebox pies are especially popular in the South where days here are sultry hot and us Southern ladies enjoy serving refreshing and delicious desserts.  

Early in the 1900's there were iceboxes in most house, and the pies were made with a baked pastry crust and a whipped filling without any worry of the pie oozing all over the plate.   

Then in the 30's, the refrigerator came around and the concept of "No-Bake Pies" started taking popularity with the crust starting to be made with simple mashed up cookies or graham crackers and the filling made with whipped eggs, cream, and sugar.  

Oh, how these Icebox pies have evolved.  Today the recipes are endless.

Icebox pies are tremendously versatile in that you can use convenient products or you can make them from scratch.
My husband loves no-bake pies and this Strawberry Vanilla Wafer Pie turned out to be a favorite.  He loves strawberries and Cool Whip.  I find him in the refrigerator eating the Cool Whip like ice cream out of the tub.  ha! ha!

So that is how this recipe came about.  I had a box of mini vanilla wafers that I bought by mistake (thinking they were the original size) and thought about how would it taste if I just combined the strawberries, mini vanilla wafers and Cool Whip together.  So I mixed it all together and he loved it.  The first time I made it he ate it right out of the bowl. giggles

Then I came up with the idea to make a No-Bake Pie.
The convenience of Icebox pies is that they usually call for few ingredients, can be made ahead of time, and they are always a crowd pleaser.

I made this pie with my Easy Homemade Shortbread Crust, but you can easily use a store bought shortbread crust if you like.

With July 4th around the corner, this would be a quick and easy pie to make for your celebration.

Hope you get to make one soon.  Enjoy!

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