Green Apple Pull Apart Bread {Using Rhodes Frozen Bread}

Green Apple Pull Apart Bread chipped pieces of apple between layers of slightly sweet cinnamon dough.  Fun to make and worth all the effort.

By now, I think almost everyone knows about Pull Apart Bread on Pinterest.  I don't think I have opened up my Pinterest and run through my follower's pins without someone pinning a recipe for pull apart bread in a loaf pan.

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Sheet Pan Roasted Hamburger Steak Dinner

Roasted Hamburger Steak, lean ground beef seasoned with simple seasonings roasted in a sheet pan with whole garlic bulbs, and vegetables.  The final touches bring this meal to a whole new level, melted butter; roasted garlic smeared on top--oh! my.

Sheet pan dinners have become a favorite around our house lately.  Wel love the ease of preparation and clean up, consisting of cooking the entire meal in a sheet pan.

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Simple Baked Plum Custard {aka Plum Clafoutis}

Baked Plum Custard, a dessert that can be elegant or rustic, depending on how it is baked.  I decided to go the rustic route and bake mine in a cast iron skillet.  The recipe is easy---really showcasing the plums in taste and beauty. Simple can be gorgeous!

Arranging the plums on top of the custard is elegant perfection in itself, but mine seems to move when I poured the custard over them.  Oh well, I did say I went the rustic route, didn't I?

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