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How to Cook the Simplest Most Flavorful Southern Baby Lima Beans (Granny's Recipe)

Baby Lima Beans,  t hey sometimes called butter beans in the south.  They are little green beans with the texture of creamy butter, cooked without adding cream — southern comfort food. A Southern Spring delight, Baby Lima Beans, served alongside a hot pan of cornbread, fried okra, fresh tomatoes, cole slaw, and garden spring onions.  Add fried chicken, and you have the perfect meal.

Garden New Potatoes and Green Beans {Granny's Recipes}

Fresh Green Beans and New Potatoes , simple side dish full of flavors from the garden, homegrown green beans and the first crop of new potatoes.   Fresh vegetables are the best unless they are fresh out of the garden, and then you cannot beat them. I love Fresh Green Beans, and New Potatoes cooked together with a little bit of ham or bacon.