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Exceptional Squash Casserole

Exceptional Squash Casserole, tender yellow squash in a creamy, rich sauce, topped with buttery crackers.  A must for holidays, bring it to a potluck and sit back and smile hearing all the yummy comments.   We have been eating this squash casserole recipe like mad this summer.  I made the squash casserole for Labor Day, and we devoured it.  The flavor of the squash is straightforward.  Just delightful! Summer squash is so plentiful this time of the year with having so many local farmers.  That is what I love about the little grocery store in my small town.  They stock fresh vegetables from our local farmers.  I buy all my fresh tomatoes ,  green tomatoes , cucumbers , eggplant , okra ,  squash , and zucchini from them while they still offer them.  

Chili Cheese Hot Dog Bubble Up Bake

Chili Cheese Hot Dog Bubble Up Bake,  buttery cut up pillows of dough and bite size hot dogs layered together with creamy, gooey cheese and chili with beans.  Garnish with your favorite condiments, and you have America's classic Friday night football food rolled up in a casserole. When my children were in school, Friday Nights were hot dog nights.  We had to be back up at the school soon after they came home, so that meant supper had to be something quick to eat much less quick to make.  Most Friday nights we ate Baked Hot Dogs just like I use to eat on Friday nights when I was in high school.  Hot dogs are classic and preparing them ready to grab and go is the perfect food for our game night. Chili Cheese Hot Dog Bubble Up has four main ingredients plus the ingredients for garnishing.  My children growing up this Chili Cheese Hot Dog Bubble Up bake would have been a huge hit.

Southern Fried Whole Catfish

Southern Fried Whole Catfish,  a delicious authentic Southern dish.  The catfish is well coated with seasoned cornmeal and flour mixture, then deep fried in hot oil until crispy, crunchy delicious.   Summer is closing down, and in the past years by this time, we have fried catfish at least two or three times.  But as the years go by they are few and far between.   It is just so much easier to go to our favorite catfish restaurant and buy a fried catfish dinner.  And we have excellent restaurants now that serve some delicious catfish.