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King Ranch Chicken {The Perfect Casserole}

King Ranch Chicken, tortillas, chicken, peppers, creamy sauce layered together in this Classic Southern casserole.  You might say King Ranch Chicken is the perfect casserole! King Ranch Chicken is a family favorite.  It's probably the best combination of Mexican flavors in a casserole of all time.   My family adores this casserole.  My recipe for King Ranch Chicken is one of those recipes that feed an army.  You can make two pans.  Most of the time, if I am making a casserole and going to the trouble of chopping and mixing.   Why not make two?

Skillet Creamy Mustard Chicken

Skillet Creamy Mustard Chicken , chicken thighs smothered in a creamy sauce made with chicken broth, a little heavy cream, whole grain mustard, and avocado oil.   Simple low carb idea. Looking for another tasty chicken recipe?  Have I got one for you?  We are a huge fan of bone-in chicken thighs anyway you cook them.  But these creamy mustard chicken thighs are my favorite.   The chicken thighs are patted dry, seasoned and brush with a portion of the grainy mustard on the chicken before cooking.