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Chicken Fried Venison and Creamy Gravy + Celebrating Opening Day of Deer Season Here In Texas!

This Saturday is opening day for deer season here in Texas and to celebrate, I am posting a recipe for Chicken Fried Venison and Creamy Gravy!   Every year my family looks forward to this day and prays that the weather is on the cold side.  Here, lately we have been experiencing some cold mornings and pleasant days.   The deer lease that my family hunts on is not too far from our house, so as soon as they get a deer, it is in the refrigerator within a few hours to chill.  My husband has always processed his own deer, and there is no question if we are eating his deer.  I captured a few photos of my daughter frying some deer backstrap a few months back.  She starts off with flour and a  mixture of seasonings, and an egg and milk mixture.  In the last years, she has added curry powder to the flour mixture, and it  adds an incredible flavor.  You might want to try it next time you chicken fry some steak   We do a double dipping when we batter the steak.  Be sure you

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake {My all time favorite pumpkin dessert}

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake , pie and cheesecake come together to make the ultimate fall dessert, decadent in all its glory! Thanksgiving is soon approaching.  It is less than a month away, can you believe it?  The turkeys are starting to fill up in the freezer sections in our grocery stores here in East Texas, and not to mention the holiday baking items that are displayed in the center isles. In the coming weeks, I plan to focus my blog post on our traditional Thanksgiving menu that we have each year.  My Grandchildren, especially Gabriel, is already getting in the mood for all our favorites we make every year.   He said he was ready for some Turkey and Dressing, Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows, and a Relish Tray with Ham Rolls , and don't forget the German Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cream Pie that set on our dessert  table .  He is such a him! Talking about favorites, this Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake is my all time favorite pumpkin dessert. I have

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls , easy homemade cinnamon rolls stuffed with grated fresh apples, cinnamon, and sugar and topped with a caramel icing.  Fall just got a lot sweeter!   There is nothing better! Starting your morning off with a cup of coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls will, sure enough, get your fall morning off to a fabulous day!

Crustless Sweet Potato Pie {a classic way to use leftover sweet potatoes + gluten free option}

Crustless Sweet Potato Pie , basically a sweet potato pie that has no crust.  It falls into the category of the famous Impossible Pies that was the rage from the introduction of Bisquick in the 80's.   This past weekend I wanted to try out an idea I had with some leftover sweet potatoes.  As Thanksgiving is approaching, I know this recipe is going to come in handy. Don't get me wrong--we love our leftovers, but there is a thing about you can only eat so many sweet potatoes, so that is how I came up with making this pie.  

Candy Corn Bark

Candy Corn Bark,  made with chocolate almond bark, pretzels, Golden Oreos, and the star, Candy Corn.  The perfect treat to celebrate the beginning of fall. Fall is in the air, and the first thing I want to do is make something fun and easy, which brings me to making something with Candy Corn. We have celebrated the beginning of fall with bags full of Candy Corn in a bowl on our coffee table e very since I can remember . Today, you can see this little convection in cookies, muffins, cakes, and the most popular are candy barks. This past week my daughter needed a sweet treat to go in some treat bags for her son's class  I told her that  I had been wanting to make some candy corn and would love to make it for them. As you can see, they turn out to be a delicious treat!  Hope you get to make some soon to celebrate fall.  Enjoy! Candy Corn Bark Ingredients: 14 Golden Oreo Sandwich Cookies 1 cup pretzels 24 oz. Chocolate Almond Bark (I used Plymou

Candy Corn Bark

Candy Corn Bark is made with chocolate almond bark, pretzels, Golden Oreos, and the star, candy corn.  The perfect treat to celebrate fall. Fall is in the air, and the first thing I want to do is make something fun and easy, which brings me to making something with Candy Corn.  Every since I can remember candy corn has been a popular candy treat around Fall.

Simple Homemade Granola

You will never buy packaged granola ever again after you make Simple Homemade Granola .   All though, there  is a ton of variation you can make, the basic ingredients are the same.  The basic ingredients are cereals like oats, sweeteners such as brown sugar, maple syrup, or honey, and then you have some fats like butter or oils.  Then add anything you like to  give it some deliciousness and nutrition, like different seeds, dried fruit and wheat germ. The possibilities are endless, as they say. My favorite way to eat granola is in a Yogurt Breakfast Trifle . A breakfast trifle is simply layered fruit, yogurt, and granola. Why wait for breakfast.  Yogurt trifles can be enjoy any time of the day for a dessert or what about an after school snack.  Once my family gets their  hands in the granola, it so hard for them to stop eating it, so I make sure I keep the ingredients on hand in the pantry. One thing I have learned is that I can put a batch in the oven and cook

Homemade Grape Jam

Homemade Grape Jam, perfectly tart and sweet, this recipe is easy to make and delicious on biscuits, peanut butter sandwiches, and homemade pop tarts.   There are a few favorites I have when it comes to home canning, and making jam is at the top.  There is such a feeling of accomplishment when you pop open a jar of homemade jams and jellies.  Making jam is a lot of work, but truly a labor of love.   That is how I feel about the Homemade Grape Jam I made this summer.   By the time, my husband picked the grapes, and I processed the grapes to make juice, and then the canning, there is a lot of time invested, but so well worth it. This summer was not any different when it came to harvesting our grapes from our one and only grapevine.   When it was all said and done, my husband had picked 7 gallons of grapes, which brought 40 jars of jam.   This grapevine is large and has the best combination of sweet and tart grapes, which is the perfect balance to make jam.  You may think th