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Tiger Butter Candy {Jennifer's Recipe}

Tiger Butter Candy is the BOMB! Can you guess how easy it is to make 3 ingredients look so sophisticated and taste so good? When my daughter was a teenager, I remember almost every time she went to the mall, she would stop by the candy store, Morrow's Nut House, and buy some Tiger Butter .

Millionaire Fudge

Millionaire Fudge is simply an incredibly scrumptious chocolate fudge that is as rich as the name says.

Classic Chocolate Peanut Clusters {Granny's Recipe}

Chocolate Peanut Clusters were a classic Christmas treat around my house when I was growing up.  It only takes two ingredients make these little jewels. The delicious taste of the sweet and salty together makes these the perfect treat. Chocolate Peanut Clusters are unbelievably easy to make, and when you have unexpected company, they are just what you want to make to wow your guest. I must say that they are a great addition to my Christmas gift boxes this year also. Instead of dropping spoonfuls of the clusters on waxed paper, I decided to use a scoop and drop the clusters into a mini muffin pan lined with mini muffin papers. Whether you are making them for gift giving, company coming or just to have some around the house, you can't go wrong with mixing Chocolate Peanut Clusters 36 mini muffin paper liners 1 lb. Milk Chocolate 16 oz. lightly salted peanuts Line a mini muffin tin with mini muffin papers.  In a large microwave safe bowl, melt chocolate in

Double Divinity

Divinity is a classic candy made with granulated sugar, corn syrup, and stiffly beaten egg white. With the addition of chopped pecans, this divinity is crunchy, fluffy, and simply divine.   We have had so many rainy days here in East Texas, making it hard to make my divinity that I like to put in our Christmas gift boxes. As you know, it is almost impossible to make divinity when it rains.

Cookie Dough Truffles

When I first heard about Cookie Dough Truffles , I thought, what a concept. When baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, who doesn't eat half of the dough before you can even get them on the baking sheets? 

Grandma's Slumber Night Party 2009

The highlight of the year for me is when I have our annual “Grandma Slumber Night Party” where all the grandchildren come for a time of making memories. We have individual crafts centers, each one makes their own individual pizza, and then we watch a movie that makes us all laugh. The theme is always God centered and full of fun! 2009 Grandma's Slumber Night Party "The Apple of God's Eye" As November was soon coming to an end, and I needed to begin to think about when to have this year's Grandma's Slumber Night Party, and what the theme was going to be. I decided to have it the Tuesday night before the Thanksgiving weekend when all of my grand children were going to be here together. While I was deciding on what the theme was going to be, I couldn't put out of my mind the words in one of my blog post "You Are The Apple of God's Eyes", and it seemed fitting since I still had an abundance of apples. The whole night was all about "Apple

The Original Hello Dolly Cookie Bars {Granny's Recipe}

Hello Dolly Cookie Bars are one of my all time favorites at Christmas. I remember my Mother would make these at Christmas time just before I got married in 1972.