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Crockpot (Hen) Chicken & Dressing {A Southern Favorite All Year Around!}

Crockpot (Hen) Chicken & Dressing , all the bells and whistles of traditional Turkey and Dressing flavors cooked in a crockpot.  A Southern favorite all year around! During our cool spell here in Texas a couple of weeks ago, I had a hankering for some Chicken and Dressing after seeing a Facebook friend post that she was making some for her family.

Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread

Lemon Blueberry Squash Bread , fresh lemon juice, and zest, luscious blueberries combined with shredded yellow squash are the perfect ingredients for a summer quick bread. Have you ever heard of yellow squash in a quick bread recipe?  I was first introduced to it last summer by my daughter.  I love to bake with zucchini in bread but never had made any with yellow summer squash.

Inspirational Thoughts #13 You Are

You are the song,  You are the song I'm singing You are the air,  You are the air I'm breathing  You are the hope,  You are the hope I needed You are  This song ministered to Jim and I so much. I want to share with you and hope you are ministered to also. Enjoy!

Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Sticks

Summer is in full swing here in Texas and vegetable gardens are pretty much still producing including cucumbers, squash and zucchini.