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Linzer Pop Tarts {A Simple Jam Crostada}

Pin It Christmas and special occasions, these Linzer Pop Tarts are on our Brunch table. Before my children married, I would make them as a pastry, somewhat like a cookie.  And then we began to enjoy them more warm out of the oven.  That is when I started making them for our Christmas Brunch.  You might say they evolved into a pop tart. As it probably happens to other bloggers on Christmas morning, I never get to get any food pictures for my blog, because we eat them up so fast. I actually made these at 5:30 in the morning a few weeks ago for my daughter to take to her Moms Group. As soon as the sun came up, I started taking pictures. It was so hard not eating some as soon as they came out of the oven. That is what is so good about this recipe….you can eat them any time for any occasion.

Decadent German Chocolate Pound Cake {Granny's Recipe}

German Chocolate Pound Cake , luscious rich pound cake made with Baker's German Sweet Chocolate and dusted with a little powdered sugar to make it decadent. When you see recipes for German Chocolate Pound Cakes , you usually see them made with a cake mix.  They are delicious made with them, and I use them, but my favorite recipe is my Mother's.  Her recipe is one that was popular in 70's and made with Baker's German sweet chocolate.  This recipe is unique in that you cover the warm cake in a tight cake-cover so that it will sweat until it is completely cool, producing a moist and velvety pound cake. Happy Valentine's Day ~  This Decadent German Chocolate Pound Cake is sure to please your sweetheart on this most romantic and indulgence of days!

Pizza Panzanella Salad {And Another Way To Use Pizza Dough}

Panzanella Salad , an Italian bread salad usually made with leftover stale bread.  Just like the Southerners who make Cornbread Salad  with leftover cornbread. In Southern Italy, waiting until Summer is traditional to enjoy this salad, but we enjoy it all year around.

Apple Fritter Bites

Apple Fritter Bites are c hopped apples mingled in a sweet dough fried in bite-sized pieces and then dunked in a thick vanilla glaze.  They are little bites of heaven. This is the second Apple Fritter recipe I have posted.   This recipe is more about how many it makes and the size of the fritter.   It makes around a dozen or so and comes together really quick.   Just the right amount to make for my husband and and Apple Fritters go together, don't you think ?

Easy and Quick BBQ Beef Pizza {And Game Day Foods}

Here are some  Fun Super Bowl Game Day Foods  that might make it to our table this year! Super Bowl Sunday is a day of indulgence not only for football fans but also for foodie fans.  We like to keep our Super Bowl Party fun and easy with delicious appetizers and finger foods.