1:19 PM
Hi!  If you need to contact me, have a question about  a particular recipe on the blog, please send me a email.  You can reach me directly at KayLittle[at]CookingwithK[dot]net and I will answer you as quickly as I can.


  1. I received an e-mail this morning which I think someone is trying to get info from me, it's with this message: You receive this email because publisher of feed CookingwithK imported you to this list, claiming you were already subscribed to this content in other ways previously. Please confirm that this is correct and you want to receive this content by clicking here, or decline if you don't want to receive it. Just wanted you to know about it as I did nothing but copy message for you.

    1. Feedburner is the email provider I previously used has stopped supporting my blog as an email provider. I have switched to and you will start receiving my blog post through them. I'm so sorry for the difficulty this has caused you.


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