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Southern Sweet Iced Tea Made in A French Press

Southern Iced Sweet Tea Made in a French Press a quick and easy way to make tea using tea bags or loose tea since it strains automatically after steeping.  A French press is not just for coffee; it is so adaptable even for Southern sweet tea. I love sweet tea, and the stronger, the better.  When I think of a French press, I think of making strong coffee, but one day I thought, why not tea. I have used my French press to make my tea for the last couple of years.  I pour the boiling water over the tea bags, let them steep for 4 or 5 minutes, and pour in my tea pitcher with a cup of sugar.   This summer, though, I have been adding the sugar to the French press, pouring the hot water over it, giving it a couple of stirs, adding the tea bags, and then pushing the plunger down just below the water to steep, oh my so good.

Milk Butter Bath Mexican Street Corn

Milk Butter Bath Mexican Street Corn is a brilliant way to prepare corn on the cob.  If the name itself doesn't convince you, the clever method of crafting the recipe will.  Milk, Butter, Mexican flavors, Sweet Corn, who can resist? There are plenty of ways to cook corn on the cob, but not one of them will hold a memory the way these Milk Butter Bath Mexican Street Corn will. The popular Mexican street corn has become a favorite around my house, especially with the grandchildren.  I was introduced to it by four of my grandsons who worked for a vendor at our county fair the last several years.    My late husband loved corn on the cob simmered in a milk and butter bath.  Boiling your corn in milk brings out the sweetness of the corn. Around the first of July, most of the corn is ready to pick here in Texas.   When I was a young girl, my mother, sisters, and I would go to a nearby corn field and pick somewhere around 250 ears of corn.  We would haul it to our house, sit under a shade