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Lunch Lady Brownies

A lunch lady from Idaho introduced these perfectly rich, fudgy chocolate brownies more than 50 years ago. OLD SCHOOL BROWNIES So happy the lunch ladies in our school cafeterias introduced us to these fabulous fudge brownies.  When I grew up in the 60s and 70s, the cafeteria food was fantastic.  Many of their recipes have graced the tables of our parents for years. The Lunch Lady Brownies are my new favorite brownie.  I am obsessed with pinning every brownie recipe that comes across the Pinterest boards.   How did we ever discover new recipes before Pinterest?

Inspirational Thoughts #11! Alone Yet Not Alone

Joni Eareckson Tada has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Song Category for the song "Alone Yet Not Alone" .  Read this wonderful article that tells how she overcame her limitations and how all this came about  here !

Sausage Gravy {Granny's Recipe}

Sausage Gravy  is a favorite breakfast food that my family has enjoyed for years.  My Children and Grandchildren just gobble this stuff up. This creamy gravy poured over biscuits, even toast, makes for a hearty breakfast.  Many of my childhood memories are linked to my Mother preparing food, and this breakfast item is no different.  You may think that this Sausage Gravy and Old Fashioned Buttered Toast   are difficult to make, but you couldn't be more wrong.  This sausage gravy is made with ground sausage, flour, milk, and seasoning.  The buttered toast is simply bread and butter.  How easy is that? I know.  You are asking, "What is old fashioned about buttered toast?"  Back in the day when I was growing up, there was no such thing as spreadable butter or margarine.   Margarine was the butter of choice.  We mostly used margarine and even called it butter.  If you used butter in a recipe, you would affectionately call it "real butter."  Isn't that funny

Old School Cooking! Leftover Ham and Great Northern Beans {Granny's Recipe}

Leftover Ham and Great Northern Beans , cooked  on the stovetop in a big soup pot like my Mother cooked her's. A c rockpot is a great option to cook them, but remember they take less time to cook than pinto beans.  The upside--you get to enjoy all those juices quicker with a big slab of cornbread. Our Christmas ham this year was super delicious, and the first thing we always look forward to is cooking the ham bone in a pot of beans.  In fact, it never gets frozen. Straight to the pot it went with some Great Northern Beans .

Easy Beef or Venison Pot Pie {Using Pillsbury Pet-Ritz Crust}

  Beef or Venison Pot Pies,  a casserole under a crust my family describes it.  Long ago, the name  Pot Pie  came from cooking the filling in a pot on the stove and then pouring it into a crust to bake. Pot pies scream  comfort food at best!!  We are huge fans of pot pies around our house. You can make some of the best pot pies with leftovers.  One way to transform leftovers into pure goodness.

Best of 2013

I am bringing you the top 13 recipes viewed in 2013 .  It is always fun to look back and see what recipes were your favorites.   Thank you for all the sweet comments and tidbits along the way.  You are the best!  Now I am looking forward to what 2014 holds.  It is going to be amazing and I am ready for all that God has planned!

Marinated Cheese Bites

Marinated Cheese Bites , an easy dip version of the popular Marinated Cheese Block.  Combine all the marinade in a jar and pour over the cheese bites.  Gloriously delicious at any gathering. This make ahead appetizer recipe for Marinated Cheese Bites was introduced to me by a friend I met at a scrapbook retreat this past weekend.