Weeknight Family Supper Meal: #2 Leftover Ham with Bowtie Pasta and English Peas

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Weeknight Family Supper Meal, an inspiration for a meal one night of the week that may include ideas how to make part of the meal ahead, how to freeze any leftovers or how to make leftovers into a makeover for another meal.  

After Christmas, we always have plenty of ham leftover.  This Christmas was no different.  I usually buy a whole ham for Thanksgiving and a spiral ham for Christmas.

I love to dice leftover spiral ham.  The cuts are all uniform and the perfect thickness.  They look pretty in ham salad or a pasta dish like Leftover Ham and Bowtie Pasta.

I like to add a delicious cheese toast with a pasta dish, and when it is THREE kinds of cheese, you are in for a gooey, creamy, salty treat.

We can not get past the richness of the pasta and bread, I serve a delicious grape salad.  The sweet and tart taste of grapes and creamy dressing balance it all out.

Or is it a dessert?

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Kay Little
Kay Little

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