Pumpkin Magic Bars

Pumpkin Magic Bars, perfect combination of pumpkin cookie mix, cinnamon chips, dark chocolate chips, coconut, pecans and magical ingredient sweetened condensed milk.  Nothing is lacking in this layered cookie recipe. The little dessert bar called by many names from 7 Layer Bars , Hello Dolly Cookies Bars  and the most popular,  Magic Cookie Bars  have made another appearance in our house.

Easy Fried Rice {No Need for Take Out---Make it yourself!}

Asian food is one of my husband's favorite.  We usually eat it twice a month. It can be kind of pricey eating out, so I try to make our favorites at home. Easy Fried Rice is one of the dishes I  have started making.  It is as simple as it looks at an open grill in the Asian restaurants.  Start off with cooked rice and go from there adding what you want.  I usually cook the egg first in sesame oil and then add the cooked rice and vegetables.  This recipe is a simple and a basic one, but on occasion I dress it up with adding cooked shrimp, chicken, or pork.   Delish! This Easy Fried Rice goes well with these other Asian dishes I like to make---- Sweet and Sour Pork,  Sesame Noodles ,  Thai Style Stir Fried Chicken ,  Sesame Chicken , Pepper Steak,  Mandarin Chicken , and  Chinese Style Chop Suey .  As you can see, Asian food is a favorite around our house! This recipe and others can be seen at these linky parties  here !

Jiffy Chili Pie {Simply amazing how easy it is to make this!}

Jiffy Chili Pie , a one pot wonder satisfying the pickiest of eaters.  Great use of leftover homemade chili with your favorite cornbread recipe spread across the top. This Jiffy Chili Pie is one of the recipes that I made before Easter that I was not able to get posted.   As some of you know from reading my post on Facebook , we had severe storm damage to our house on Easter Sunday!   Many of the recipes I made around that time, I didn't get to post.   Jiffy Chili Pie is one of the recipes I made on a cold day that we had in March. You are going to be amazed at how easy it is to make.  I used some homemade chili I had in the freezer, chopped onions, and a can of green chilies. All of that was sandwiched between two layers of prepared Jiffy Cornbread Mix.  You can have a meal on the table in a "jiffy".   Just had to say that...he he!

Pineapple Upside Down Biscuits

Pineapple Upside Biscuits,  a new twist on a classic southern cake.  Fast and easy, these biscuits will be your go to breakfast, brunch, or dessert treat. The recipe calls for a few ingredients and bakes in 15 minutes.  Did I say fast and easy?

Traditional Stuffed Eggs

Traditional Stuffed Eggs are as old as the hills in the south.  The traditional ingredients are mashed egg yolks, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, salt, and pepper with a little bit of minced  onion and minced pickles.  Garnishes are optional. As time has gone on, the ingredients have expounded to the hot and spicy and all kinds of fillers.  It is easy to create your own variations. The binder is usually mayonnaise, but sour cream, yogurt, and cream can be used.   The fillers should be more in ratio than the mashed egg yolks, and make sure they are minced so they are easy to scoop and fill in the egg white half. To start this recipe, you will need to know how to make the perfect boiled eggs, so head over to my recipe for Shrimp Stuffed Eggs . Have you ever added too much mayonnaise or mustard to your egg yolks, and the filling is too runny? Don't fret; I have a secret to fixing that; add instant potato flakes a tablespoon at a time until the filling thickens.   I have also

Easy Crockpot Mandarin Chicken

Easy Crockpot Mandarin Chicken is just what it says Easy!   I have been seeing this recipe circling around on Pinterest and knew I had to give it a try.  I did make a few changes to our liking.  It will definitely be making a regular appearance on our menu rotations. I love the ingredients in this recipe and added a few of my own.  I added onions and bell pepper to give it additional color and taste. You could add mandarin oranges or pineapple, but we prefer it with just the vegetables. Either way the flavors explode in your mouth, and you can't stop eating it. I also love the fact that I can make it in a crockpot.  I have always cooked most anything in the summer so using the crockpot for me is more out of convenience than anything. The one thing that I most favor about using a crockpot is you don't have to watch the stove when you cook.  You can go about doing other things while your meal is simmering away. Yes, the crockpot is a real plus with thi

Granny's Recipe! Mexican Salad made with Catalina Dressing {Perfect for July 4th!}

Mexican Salad is the perfect salad for your 4th of July celebration. I remember when this salad first made an appearance on my Mother's table in the early 70's.