Homemade Ranch Dressing {Originally started out in the South being called Buttermilk Dressing}

Homemade Ranch Dressing  takes on a whole new taste that cannot be matched with the store bought kind. 

Southern Pecan Chewies

Southern Pecan Chewies are just that--soft, chewy, loaded with pecans, brown sugar, and butter. PECAN CHEWIES BARS This is a Southern treat that is so easy to make. It is perfect for making around the holidays, keeping it a crowd-pleaser. When I was getting ready to plan our menu for the Super Bowl Party, I saw some brownies  on Pinterest that I wanted to make.

A Few of Your Favorite Pies for National Pie Day!

Today is National Pie Day, and I thought I would share with you some of the most viewed here on Cooking with K along with some of my personal favorites. This Coffee Pie is always a big hit every time my daughter takes it to a gathering.  It has few ingredients and easy to prepare.  If you want a delicious chocolate pie that is not cooked on the stove and ready to pour in the prepared pie shell in minutes, then you will want to try Jennifer's Signature Chocolate Cream Pie . Lemon Ice Box Pie always satisfies the urge for the taste of something tart and sweet.  That is the way I fill about  Daddy's Lemon Icebox Pie .  It give that wonderful tart bite with every spoonful and one of my personal favorites. If you are a fan of the Classic German Chocolate Cake then you are going to be a fan of this delicious German Chocolate Pie . It has all the richness and chocolate goodness as the cake.  A family favorite for sure! Who doesn't like a delici

Inspirational Thought! #7 A Day Of Silence

Decadent Peanut Butter Millionaire Fudge

Decadent Peanut Butter Millionaire Fudge {No Peanut Butter in this fudge...just  a little secret} CHRISTMAS FUDGE Peanut Butter Fudge is a delicious holiday treat for gift giving and sharing, smooth and creamy, sweet and marshmallowy. Probably, the best kept secret about making my Peanut Butter Millionaire Fudge is what I use for the peanut butter flavor. Get ready---here it is!  Reese's Peanut Butter Chips--Wha la!   So simple and has no measuring.  Just open the bags and pour them into the bowl....Super easy! WHERE CAN I FIND THE RECIPE?  TAKE ME TO THE RECIPE FOR PEANUT BUTTER MILLIONAIRE FUDGE. Below, under the next heading, I give a list of preferred ingredients, tips, and cooking instructions for the Peanut Butter Millionaire Fudge and similar recipe ideas you can have. Or you can  scroll down to the bottom, where you will find a full printable recipe card with amounts of the ingredients and complete instructions with notes. To reach a "foolproof"

Classic Holiday Favorite! 24 Hour Fruit Salad

24 Hour Fruit Salad , among some of the most popular traditional Christmas dishes in the south, is often called Ambrosia. Everyone has their twist on this Classic 24 Hour Fruit Salad .  I have seen this recipe made in so many different ways and with so many different ingredients. 

Brandy's Brussel Sprouts with Bacon adds a delightful touch to our Thanksgiving menu!

Sweet, tender, and just a little crunch, these  Brussel Sprouts with Bacon   add a delightful touch to any Thanksgiving meal!  Brandy's Brussel Sprouts with Bacon has been on our Thanksgiving table the last several years and has become our favorite green vegetable on the menu.  So much so that Brandy, my daughter-in-law, quadrupled the recipe this year, just so there would be leftovers with the Turkey and Southern Cornbread Dressing .  Shallots, bacon, and chicken stock are all you need to add great flavor to this simple, five ingredient side dish.  The night before Brandy washed and trimmed the brussels sprouts chopped the bacon and shallots, and they were ready to saute the next morning. Sweet, tender, and just a little crunch, these Brussel Sprouts with Bacon added a delightful touch to our Thanksgiving meal!