COUNTDOWN TO 2012: Best Soups and Stews of 2011

#1 Minestrone Soup {Olive Garden Copycat} #2 Texas Style Goulash {Favorite One Pot Meal} #3 Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Hope you are enjoying the Countdown Recipes this week! It is not to late to join in -- Monday's was on my 3 Top Breakfast Recipes and Tuesday was all about Breads .  Join in the fun over at Finding Joy In My Kitchen !

COUNTDOWN TO 2012: Best Bread Recipes of 2011

#1 Crusty Italian Bread {C R A  Z Y Easy To Make} #2 Old Fashioned Hot Water Cornbread #3 Bunny Buns {Fun Way To Serve Rolls For Easter} Continuing on with the Countdown to 2012 Best Recipes, I am featuring my top 3 Bread Recipes of 2011.  Hope you are enjoying all the recipes that being linked up over at  Finding Joy In My Kitchen .  You can link up your individual recipes and join in the fun too!

COUNTDOWN TO 2012: Best Breakfast Recipes 2011

 #1 Apple Walnut Zucchini Bread #2  Hawaiian French Toast #3 Very Blueberry Coffee Cake Today I am starting a countdown to 2012 with some of my best recipes.  I will be sharing 3 top recipes, and the first category will be Breakfast and Brunch Recipes. I will also be joining the fun all week with Finding Joy In My Kitchen .  You can link up your individual recipes and join in the fun too!

Merry Christmas

 May you and your family have a   V e r y M e r r y C h r i s t m a s and a   H a p p i e s t O f  N e w Y e a r !  

Red Pepper Flake Seasoned Crackers {Jennifer's Recipe}

Red Pepper Flake Seasoned Crackers  are a sure way to  wow  your guest at any gathering.  I have been making these for years with oyster crackers, but in the last years, my daughter began to make them with saltine crackers, and her husband introduced the red pepper flakes. A perfect match to an already delicious cracker! When I take them somewhere, I have people so intrigued with these crackers.  They will take a bite and then ask, "how long do you bake them, and how much butter is in them?"  You almost want to keep them a secret....giggles.

Mince Cream Cheese Pie {aka Mincemeat Cheesecake Pie}

At Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are plenty of pies on the dessert table , but there is one that stands out to me, my Mincemeat Cheesecake Pie .  The traditional Mincemeat Pie is made with a double crust and filled with a homemade mincemeat. For years, I made a more traditional one with a boxed mincemeat that had to be softened in water, somewhat how you would plump up raisins in a recipe. In 1976, I came across this recipe for Mince Cream Cheese Pie in my Betty Crocker Cookbook and have been making it this way ever since for the Holidays.  This summer, I made another adaptation to this recipe using apples, Apple Cheesecake Pie . This cookbook is full of standout recipes I have made over the years.  Don't you just treasure this kind of cookbooks! 

Linzer Christmas Cookies

Linzer Cookies are Austria's most famous dessert.  Traditionally the cookies are made with almond flour, and the cookies are sandwiched together with a layer of jelly or jam.  The top cookie is dusted with powered sugar and has a cutout so the jam, typically raspberry,  is visible making them very decadent. Linzer Christmas Cookies are an embellished version of the real thing.  I make mine from my favorite sugar cookie recipe, sandwich them with seedless jam, and embellish them with drizzled white chocolate and sprinkles of coarse sugar, which makes them irresistible.