Super Bowl Eats! Ham Rolls {Granny's Recipe}

Ham Rolls are the perfect appetizer for any gathering you may have, or if you are like me, you may like to make them just for a snack. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, or special occasion, you will probably see these on our table. The recipe came from my Mother. There are so many variations now. I have to say hands down, that the ham roll recipe that my mother handed down to me is still my favorite, and that is the one with just ham, cream cheese, and pickles.

Yummy! Old Fashioned Coconut Meringue Pie {Granny's Recipe}

Yummy!   Old Fashioned Coconut Meringue Pie just like grandma use to make. Get the recipe to make the perfect pie filling and a secret to keep the meringue from shrinking!! I found out this morning that today is National Pie Day . Not knowing this yesterday, I made a Coconut Meringue Pie and an  Old Fashioned Butterscotch Pie to take to our Life Group Meeting this evening. How cool is that!  

Easy Homemade Spinach Artichoke Pizza

If you are a fan of spinach artichoke dip , you are going to love this simple and quick Spinach Artichoke Pizza . It made with a yummy creamy white sauce and topped with white cheese! When I made this Spinach Artichoke Pizza New Year's Eve, I was making it by the seat of my pants.

Hot Sweet Pepper Relish and Spicy Pinto Beans

Hearty, flavorful Pinto Beans cooked with Mexican-style seasonings make a great side dish,  with cornbread and topped with hot sweet pepper relish! I just read or heard on a food show that it has long been said that pinto beans originated in San Antonio and some refer to them as "Cowboy Beans". I don't know all about that, all I remember is that my mother cooked a lot of them when I was growing up in the 60's, so delicious, and I never got tired of them! Many a time they were the main course on our dinner table with a pan of cornbread and Chow Chow.

German Chocolate Cake {Granny's Recipe}

German Chocolate Cake , three layers of sweet, rich chocolate cake, creamy coconut pecan filling, and covered in a chocolate buttercream frosting. My all time favorite cake at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the classic German Chocolate Cake .

Homemade Almond Joys

Candy making is fun to make at home during the holidays.  Especially with few ingredients.  These Homemade Almond Joys are full of soft, chewy coconut filling and super easy to make.  You are going to love the results!   Almond Joys  Almond Joys do taste better than store bought, with rich chocolate, plenty of creamy sweet coconut, and a roasted almond in the center, and they are easier to make than you think. As soon as I saw the recipe for Homemade Almond Joys , I knew they would be going in my Christmas gift boxes this year. I have to say they taste like the real candy in the stores. They are soft and creamy on the inside, and with the bite of the almond and all that coconut, you are in yummyville!!!

Christmas White Trash

Looking for a last minute treat?   Christmas White Trash is the perfect treat to make. Calls for few ingredients takes fifteen minutes to make and looks impressive when packaged in cute treat bags. I am going stop baking and go ahead and post my Christmas White Trash recipe. I have had several requests for the recipe, and it is so quick and easy to make.