Weeknight Family Supper Meal: #5 Spaghetti Pie

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Weeknight Family Supper Meal, an inspiration for a meal any night of the week that may include ideas how to make part of the meal ahead, how to freeze any leftovers or how to make leftovers into a makeover for another meal.  

With Valentine's Day next Wednesday, I thought you might like a meal for the special occasion.  When my children were small, we chose to celebrate the moment with our children at the family table instead of a quiet romantic meal just husband and me.  I would set the table with the fine china, crystal tea glasses, real cloth napkins and well the silverware was our everyday.

I would serve a one pot dish, like Shrimp Creole over buttered rice, green salad, and for dessert, we would have chocolate cake.  Oh, the memories are flooding in.  sniff sniff!

When I am pressed for time, an Italian Spaghetti Pie is a make ahead dish that you will want to make again and again, and not just for special occasions.  This recipe serves a lot, so have some foil pans ready to fill and freeze for another weeknight meal.

I like to serve a pretty salad along with Spaghetti.  And the Strawberry Bacon Spinach Salad is just that beautiful.  If you are not a fan of strawberries in a combination mixture just add another vegetable, such as carrots, cherry tomatoes or maybe some sort of cheese.  There are no rules for a delicious and gorgeous salad.  Another note is the salad can be assembled ahead of time, maybe the morning of your dinner.  Add the dressing just before serving.

You always want to serve bread with spaghetti to sop up all the sauce.  A Crusty Italian Bread is perfect.  The bread can be made two are three days ahead, wrap in plastic wrap and store the crusty bread in the bread box and slice just before serving.

For me, there is not a more perfect time to serve Red Velvet Cake for dessert than Valentine's Day.  Not only is the cake delicious, but it is also entirely gorgeous served with dipped strawberries.

The cake can be made up to a week ahead.  Wrap each layer in plastic wrap and then in foil.  Freeze the layers and frost the cake frozen.  Believe me, this method of frosting cakes you will use over and over.  It's the only way I like to frost a cake.  I think it makes the cake a lot moister.

Weeknight Family Supper Meal:  Spaghetti Pie

Weeknight Family Supper Meal: Spaghetti Pie

Weeknight Family Supper Meal:  Spaghetti Pie

Weeknight Family Supper Meal:  Spaghetti Pie

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