Weeknight Supper Meal: Skillet Lasagna

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Weeknight Supper Meal, an inspiration for one of your meals for the week including how to makeover leftovers, how to freeze leftovers and a decadent dessert for your special Valentine's.

Skillet Lasagna, one skillet meal including all the ingredients of a traditional Lasagna. But this is a shortcut version cooking the hamburger, sauce, and soft cheese along with the noodles all together.   One fabulous skillet meal!

For leftovers, I like to line two single serving casserole dishes with foil and divide the leftover lasagna.  Fold the excess foil crisscross over to the top like a little package.  Place the filled dishes in the freezer and freeze until completely frozen.  Once they are frozen remove the little foil packages from the dish and place in a ziplock bag.   Remove all the air and seal.  Place back in the freezer.  Using this method of freezing meals will free up your dishes and save money on buying freezer containers.

When ready to reheat, just place the frozen foil package back in the dish it was frozen in and reheat.  This is an easy cleanup.  

Crusty Bread is the perfect bread for weeknight meals.  It is crazy easy and quick to make.  It goes wonderfully with one pot meals.  The texture is sturdy for pushing all the lovely lasagna sauce and noodles on your fork.  

It makes the perfect afternoon snack with some melted cheese on top of some lunchmeat or veggies.  

To serve the next day with leftovers, store the bread in an airtight container. There are endless possibilities with this C R A Z Y easy bread!

German Chocolate Pound Cake, a decadent pound cake made with a German chocolate baking bar.  

Pound cakes are known for their dense, velvety texture and adding German chocolate, well, that is just the ultimate chocolate pound cake, rich, moist and perfectly sweet.  

I like to serve this cake with a sprinkle of powder sugar, but it would be delightful with the addition of a dollop of whip cream and macerated strawberries!

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