Old Fashioned Hot Water Cornbread {Granny's Recipe}

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Hot Water Cornbread just like Grandma use to make is more about the feel of the batter than precise measurements.  Enjoy with collard greens, purple hull peas, and the list goes on!

Making Old Fashioned Hot Water Cornbread is more about the feel of the batter than a precise measurement.  The main thing is to get the right consistency with the water and cornmeal mixture.

Mother was a walking cookbook, and this was one of those recipes she had in her head. So many of her recipes I wished I had asked her to write down.  One day after we had finished a meal of Fried Okra, Peas, and Hot Water Cornbread,  I did ask her to tell me how she made this Southern golden goodness.  She said "you use plain cornmeal, and a little salt--no baking powder".  Boil some water and add it to the cornmeal mixed with a little salt until it comes together enough to spoon it in a skillet of hot grease.  I like a mixture of bacon grease and oil.

There are so many ways you can serve this Southern golden goodness.  My husband's favorite is with Fried Catfish.  You just take a small spoon, and make them into little round hush puppies.  My favorite, is to make them into a patty shape by using a larger spoon dropping them into the hot grease and eat them with some peas--like I did with these Fresh Lady Cream Peas.

Old Fashioned Hot Water Cornbread
Original Cooking with K Recipe
    2 cups yellow cornmeal
    1-1 1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 cups water, boiling
    1-2 cups vegetable oil
    1-2 tablespoons bacon grease (optional)
Heat enough oil in a large iron skillet or heavy bottom skillet on high heat.  (Oil needs to come half way up the side of the skillet.)

In a medium bowl, mix together cornmeal and salt.  Stir in enough boiling hot water that the cornmeal mixture comes together enough to spoon (not too thick and not too thin, kinda like creamy mashed potatoes).

As soon as the oil in the skillet is hot, but not smoking, spoon hot cornmeal mixture in your hands that have been dipped in hot/warm water and then gently place in the hot oil.  Fry each in hot oil, turning once, until crisp and golden brown, about 5 minutes. Drain on paper towels.

Note: The Hot Water Cornmeal will be really tender if you try not to handle the cornmeal mixture with your hand so much.  Wet your hands with hot/warm water in between spooning it!

You can add a couple tablespoons of sugar if you want it sweet.

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