Inspirations and Thoughts #2

In the light of our days we have had in this last year, we appreciate the small things in life. We are so grateful for life!

Apple Snack Cake With Brown Sugar Glaze

Apple Snack Cake , cake batter that has all the components of a traditional fresh apple cake but small enough to bake in an oblong pan. Fresh apples, butter, cinnamon, sour cream, and brown sugar makes the cake sweet but not too sweet and very moist, and the Brown Sugar Glaze ups the deliciousness! I am always on the lookout for apple cake recipes .  The apples in the cake make for a moist and delicious cake, especially if you are using different kinds of apples in them.

The Best Southern Fried Chicken (Babe's Copycat)

The Best Southern Fried Chicken ,  succulent chicken, uncomplicated ingredients, flour, milk, salt and pepper enhancing the flavor of fried chicken without overpowering it, a salt water brining and double dipping is the key. My Favorite Fried Chicken is a simple perfectly cooked chicken.  

Apple Cheesecake Pie

Apple Cheesecake Pie, traditional apple pie filling baked with creamy, rich cream cheese filling poured over it.  You have cheesecake and apple pie together in one perfect pie crust. Do you want Apple Pie or Cheesecake?   Why not have both? I said the other day when I was looking to use up some pie dough I had leftover from making my fresh peach cobbler with a double crust.    It is hard to improve on a scrumptious classic Apple Pie unless you pour a creamy layer of cheesecake filling on top and bake it to perfection.  This recipe came about from a Mincemeat Cream Cheese Pie I make every year at Christmas.   I think you could probably pour this filling over any pie, and you would have the perfect pie. WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR APPLE CHEESECAKE PIE Pie crust, homemade or store bought Granny smith apples Sugar Cinnamon Cornstarch Cream cheese Eggs Vanilla HOW TO MAKE APPLE CHEESECAKE PIE Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large saucepan, cook apples, sugar, cinnamon, and cornstarch until a

M&M Fall Celebration Cookies {Why Caleb Divided The M&Ms?}

These M&M Fall Celebration Cookies are another cookie recipe we made during our cookie marathon  when the Grandchildren were here this summer.   They were made by Caleb, my 10 year old grandson using mini M&Ms.   Caleb is so creative and such a perfectionist when is comes to choosing a great presentation.  We had some mini M&Ms leftover from Easter so he picked out the Orange, Brown, and Yellow ones for this recipe.   He did such a fantastic job.  He not only worked so hard at reading and getting the recipe right, he made sure they were all the same size.  Great job Caleb! This year at Easter, I bought mini M&Ms that had Easter packaging around them…and when I went to open them, the mini M&Ms were not Easter colors. I decided to save them for something else. This summer while my grandson was visiting we decided to divide them and make cookies with them. He got the idea to use the red, white and blue ones for pat

Creamy Beef Stroganoff {Granny's Recipe}

This beef dish is elegant as well as classic comfort food, which may account for its popularity during the '50s.   Creamy Beef Stroganoff is that kind of dish! My Creamy Beef Stroganoff recipe is my Mother's creation, consistently delicious.  I mean, you never wonder if it is going to be good.  Don't you love recipes like that?

Pumpkin Love Cinnamon Rolls Lavishly Drizzled With Brown Sugar Icing

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls , homemade dough that rises in 30-minutes.  They are filled with mixture of cinnamon, butter and brown sugar and lavishly topped with Creamy Brown Sugar Icing.   We have moved beyond Pumpkin Pie these days.  You might say Pumpkin has evolved into an ingredient defined as past meets present.