7 Layered Salad, {Granny's Recipe}

A classic 70's dish, 7-Layer Salad can be made a day ahead, easy to carry to gatherings, lovely to look at when assembled in a glass bowl.  It is certainly a crowd pleaser.  The 7 Layered Salad has been around for a long time even though as a newlywed in the 70's, I thought that it was my Mother's original creation (smiles).

Brenda's Quick Chicken Taquito Enchiladas {using Delimix Chicken Taquitos}

When you are looking for a quick dish to take to a gathering or just make for yourself in a hurry, you are going to want to make these Quick Chicken Taquito Enchiladas. The recipe comes from a dear friend of mine who is a wonderful cook and who has her own repertoire of her signature dishes that are out of this world.  There are endless possibilities to what kind of cheese you like on them to what kind of toppings you like. 

German Chocolate Pie

If you are a Classic German Chocolate Cake fan, you will be a big fan of German Chocolate Pie. I t is packed with all the richness and chocolate deliciousness of the cake, and it is everything you are looking for in a beautiful holiday dessert! Granny's German Chocolate Pie Granny's German Chocolate Pie recipe is an old recipe passed down to me by my Mother.  My family looked forward to it every Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Do you have a couple of family members who devour a particular pie during the holidays?   At my Mother's house during the holidays, my husband and my sister would try to see who would get the last piece of her Coconut Meringue Pie .

Coconut Banana Bread

I could make Coconut Banana Bread every day.  It has become one of my personal favorites.  I think it is the combination of the coconut, bananas, and butter that makes it so moist and yummy. Any Banana Bread recipe I come across, I am going to jump on it. That is exactly what happened with this recipe. A sweet friend of mine gave me a recipe for banana bread that does not call for any milk, sour cream, yogurt, etc. I have never seen a recipe that didn't call for some sort of dairy product. I couldn't wait to try it, and I am here to tell you that this is the moistest Banana Bread ever.

Simple Peach Salad {Granny's Recipe}

Individual Peach Salads nestled in iceberg lettuce bring so many memories of my Mother serving them. My Mother was such a creative and frugal cook.  She could take whatever we had in the refrigerator or pantry and served a fantastic meal that was her crown of glory. Priceless . 

Southern Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie is a humble pie of the South. Many times served during the sweet potato season which is in the fall.   It is a must have for Thanksgiving around our house. As soon as Jim heard I had bought some Sweet Potatoes , his first words were, "Are you going to make some Sweet Potato Pie"?

Mediterranean Style Tuna Salad

Mediterranean Style Tuna Salad is my new favorite dish!  Sometimes I just want to eat tuna salad that is with your classic traditional ingredients--onions, pickle relish, mayonnaise, and eggs. But this time, I want something that is so non-traditional for me.

Horseradish and Parsley Compound Butter

Compound Butter is a simple, but flavorful way to accentuate a somewhat ordinary dish into a splendid dish. Typically compound butter is used on classic dishes like steak, grilled fish, and vegetable dishes. I thought it would be a great way to intense the flavor to a classic dish that has been served on our dinner table many times, and that is Rush Hour Supper .

Crunchy Taco Inside A Flour Tortilla (aka Double Decker)

Double Decker Tacos like the famous taco place is now made at home.  The best taco you will ever eat! When my children became fans of Taco Bell, I was uninterested in trying out the menu. Although I am a big fan of Mexican cuisine, I am not a fan of tacos. Basically, because they crumble when you go to eat them. I would just as soon have a taco salad instead.

Doughnut Muffins

These Doughnut Muffins taste just like a cake doughnut.  The perfect way to have a doughnut fix without deep frying.   Doughnut Muffins, "what a concept" , was my first thought when I saw these muffins over at Sugarcrafter's .