My Time Away from Cooking With K

I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking a break from my blog due to the extended illness of my husband. He is still in the hospital following two colon surgeries in April. With rehab, he is expected to be on his way to a full recovery. Thank you all for all your kindness and prayers during this long journey we are on. I can't wait to be back cooking for my husband and posting some of my great recipes that "Bring friends and family together with food from my childhood recipes to today"!

Skillet Fried Corn {Granny's Recipe}

Skillet Fried Corn , easiest recipe for fried corn that makes you think you are eating fresh corn cut off the cob and then fried in a skillet with bacon grease.  Just like Grandma use to make. Growing up in the 60's my mother would buy fresh produce from farmers in the area, and sometimes to save on the cost, we would go and pick it fresh ourselves. As a child, I felt like picking corn was a gruesome and suffocating job walking in between the corn stalks, which grew up over the top of your head.

Roasted Asparagus

Roasted Asparagus, baked with olive oil, minced garlic, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Easy and elegant! When you see asparagus at the grocery stores, it is a sure sign of spring. While there is frozen and canned asparagus year around, there is nothing better than the delicate flavor of fresh asparagus. When I get fresh asparagus in season, I don't want the flavor totally smothered with a lot of ingredients that takes away from the simplistic taste. Here I just bake them in the oven with little olive oil and minced garlic and then season with coarse salt and coarse black pepper.

Pear Honey

Pear Honey  is just a little thicker than traditional honey and thinner than a preserve or jam. Beginning in the fall every year, sometime in September,  a friend of mine would give me huge amounts of fresh pears from off their trees. There were too many to eat before they would go bad, so I needed another recipe besides Pear Preserves. This recipe is perfect because it calls for real ripe pears.

Classic Southern Buttermilk Biscuits Made The Old Fashioned Way + secrets to making them tall and fluffy!

Classic Southern Buttermilk Biscuits , tender, flaky biscuits made from scratch with a secret to making them tall and fluffy. These biscuits are easy to make and perfect for any meal of the day! Took off a day of cooking for my birthday yesterday. I had a wonderful day!!! My family splurged on me and made me feel very special.

Spicy Brown Sugar Bacon {aka Pig Candy}

Spicy Brown Sugar Bacon is a mixture of cayenne pepper, brown sugar topping sprinkled over strips of bacon in a single layer and baked. Have you every had Pig Candy? If you have not, you are missing the highlight of eating bacon. When I first heard about this recipe over at Mommy's Kitchen , I thought why ? 

Pear Salad {Granny's Recipe}

Pear Salad  is   a vintage recipe going way back.  Pears are filled with mayonnaise and freshly grated cheddar cheese, then topped with a cherry. This recipe is a childhood favorite of mine. My mother would always make Pear Salad with canned pear halves, as none the difference from fresh pears.