Old School Fried Biscuits {aka Camp Biscuits at our house!}

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Camp Biscuits have been around my house ever since I was a little girl, then I started making them for my children on Saturday morning.  We make them here at the house, when we are camping, and at the deer lease. 

Fried Biscuits aka Camp Biscuits 

These make delicious and quick beignets! Just cut them in half, fry them, and dust with powdered sugar. Another great idea is when you serve Chinese, finish out your meal with some of these Fried Biscuits rolled in sugar only.  And you will feel as though you are at your favorite Chinese restaurants.
Fried Biscuits aka Camp Biscuits

Canned biscuits answer all the questions about easy and quick doughnut recipes.  You just pop open a tube of canned biscuits, drop them in the hot oil and whala you have the most delicious little puff of goodness.

Sometimes I cut the center out for doughnut holes, but most of the time I just fry them whole.  While they are warm, you can even pipe a little jelly in the center, and dust them with powdered sugar.  On my---just yummy!

Camp Biscuits

2 tubes of refrigerated canned biscuits
vegetable oil for frying
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
powdered sugar

Separate and lay biscuits on a sheet pan; set aside.  In a small bowl mix sugar and cinnamon; set aside.  Pour powdered sugar in a bowl; set aside.

In deep skillet, heat oil hot enough for frying.  Drop biscuits in hot oil being sure not to crowd them.  Flip biscuits immediately and fry until golden brown.  Flip biscuits again to brown the other side.  (This goes fast so do not leave the skillet with them frying)

Lay on a sheet pan lined with paper towels.  Roll half of the biscuits in sugar mixture.  Roll the other half in the powdered sugar.

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