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Sheet Pan Chicken Supper

Sheet Pan Chicken Supper, a complete meal cooked in one pan. Preparation is as easy as the cleanup.  The possibilities of flavor combinations with chicken and vegetables are endless. I love sheet pan meals, especially on busy weeknights.  When you cook the meat and vegetables together in one pan, all the flavors marry together.  Simply delicious!

Weeknight Supper Meal: Crusty Pork Chops

Weeknight Supper Meal,  an inspiration for one of your meals for the week including a way to makeover leftovers into another meal. These Crusty Pork Chops are my go to recipe when I want a super crunchy breading around the pork chop.  I must tell you that I love to pick them up right off the plate and biting into them....who needs silverware?  They are absolutely scrumptious.

Butternut Squash Beef Soup with Black Pepper Cornbread Islands

Butternut Squash Beef Soup with black pepper cornbread islands, hearty, comforting, and a delicious winter soup.  Center a portion of your favorite cornbread in the middle of a bowl and ladle a generous scoop of the soup over the cornbread. One of the versatile things about soup is all vegetables are a go in soups, like butternut squash, potatoes, carrots, lima beans, corn, green beans, and hearty winter vegetables.  

Weeknight Supper Meal: Baked Chicken and Dumplings

Weeknight Supper Meal ideas is here again.   A weekly  meal feature to help with an idea for one of your meals for the week. Baked Chicken and Dumplings will soon become your go to dumpling recipe. Layer the ingredients...don't stir and bake...what comes out is truly magic dumplings!  

Crispy Roasted Sugar Snap Peas

Crispy Roasted Sugar Snap Peas,  fresh, healthy, delicious and quick to make.  These peas are not shelled but roasted whole in the pod until tender and crispy.    I have always enjoyed eating sugar snap peas served on a vegetable tray, but I must say, my new favorite way to eat them is roasting them!

Weeknight Supper Meal: Roasted Hamburger Steak Dinner

Weeknight Supper Meal,  a weekly feature here on Cooking with K to help with an idea for one of your meals for the week.  Planning meals can be daunting at times, but planning meals ahead is the secret to less stress, overspending on groceries, and having more family favorites at your meals. I love simple and easy meals on busy weeknights.  These Roasted Hamburger Steaks are cooked in a sheet pan with the vegetables all roasted together and just before serving add a pat of butter for the finishing touch.