Weeknight Supper Meal: Crusty Pork Chops

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Weeknight Supper Meal,  an inspiration for one of your meals for the week including a way to makeover leftovers into another meal.

These Crusty Pork Chops are my go to recipe when I want a super crunchy breading around the pork chop.  I must tell you that I love to pick them up right off the plate and biting into them....who needs silverware?  They are absolutely scrumptious.

Crusty Pork Chops

To balance out the rich Pork Chops, I love to serve Southern Coleslaw.  You might say this is the perfect side dish as much as a salad.  Don't forget the dressing.  It is what makes this salad zing.  It is just glorious!

Southern Coleslaw

Rolls are a must when pork chops are involved and that is when my homemade rolls come into play. These rolls are so easy to make and only take 30 minutes to rise.

I always make enough pork chops to have a makeover leftover meal.  In this case sliders or small sandwiches.  This is the perfect meal to have ready in no time.

For the pork chop, I like to take the meat off the bone, shred the meat a little and heat it a little bit.  If you like barbecue sauce with yours, this is the time to add it.

Warm the rolls, then split them in half.  On the bottom side of the roll, add the heated pork chop, place a big scoop of the coleslaw on top of the pork chop meat and then top it with the top of the roll.

Add a slice of pickles, maybe some baked beans, and your meal is set.

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