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A Southern Classic! Old Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler

Old Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler , a Southern dessert made with a lattice top crust blanketed over the fresh juicy blackberries that help form a dumpling texture bottom crust when scooped up in a bowl.  And don't forget the big scoop of vanilla ice cream!   Old Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler is a summertime favorite around our house.  It is a classic Southern dessert with the richness of a buttery crust and the sweet tartness of berries. Start off with making the crust first.  I use the same recipe for  Peach Cobbler . The berries make so much juice in a cobbler that I like to use a double crust to get that yummy dumpling texture. My sisters and I grew up picking wild dewberries close to our house.  We would watch for the blooms in the early spring and couldn't wait until the berries started peeking through the berry vines.  Blackberries are closely related to dewberries, except they are just a little bigger.  The taste to me is the same and makes e

Southern Style Stuffed Cabbage Rolls {Granny's Recipe}

Southern Style Stuffed Cabbage Rolls  are one of my favorite dishes my Mother handed down to me.  Her recipe is very simple to make using few ingredients that make for an inexpensive meal. They are made with hamburger, rice,  onions, and covered in a ketchup diced tomato sauce.

Venison Fajitas {You will never know you are eating venison!}

We planted a large garden this year and I am so looking forward to when it is bursting with produce including tomatoes, onions, red and green bell peppers.  The whole time they are growing I am thinking of recipes to use with them, including these  Venison Fajitas .  

7 Layer Mexican Dip

This   7 Layer Mexican Dip  is a long time favorite in our house.    Once you gather all the ingredients, it comes together rather quickly.  It is better to serve it in a oblong dish verses the bowl you see mine in, because you want to be able to reach in there and grab a little of all the layers.   Be sure you have plenty of chips close by.  {grins}