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Hi! I am Kay, publisher of Cooking with K.  I love all things Southern and inspiring the next generation to enjoy cooking from recipes passed down through the years.

I have had a real passion for cooking, which was passed down by my Mother, Fern Sewell. In her kitchen, everyone would gather to talk and share life's happenings while she kept on cooking.  

Mother had all the styles of an genuine Southern cook, from serving a tall glass of sweet tea, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cream gravy to all kinds of field peas.  It wasn't uncommon for her to serve the traditional southern meal consisting only of vegetables and served up with a pan of Southern cornbread.

My Southern cooking roots run deep in my style of cooking.  There is a broad range of cooking influences from my Father's family living in Georgia and my Mother's family living in Texas.  The memories of the recipes she created and prepared for me as a child and shared with me as a young newlywed are memories that I still have today. As I showcase my family's Southern recipes, my recipes, and my children's recipes, I want to leave a legacy for my grandchildren.

As I write this blog, I know God orders all my plans. The most important part of my life is being so close to the Lord that I immediately know when I can't hear His heartbeat. 

Jim, my husband, helps me keep this in place. It's the simple things that matter: Live for Jesus, Love your Family, Care for Others, and Build His Church!