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Hot & Sticky Chicken {An Easy and Quick Meal To Get On Your Table}

Hot & Sticky Chicken , the same combination of flavors in your favorite hot wings just with more meat for your bucks.  We love hot wings but these chicken leg quarters go a lot further for weeknight meals.  Get your napkins ready!  Sticky chicken recipes are so inviting when I see them on Pinterest.  I decided to use ingredients that I had on hand to create this recipe for Hot & Sticky Chicken .  

Italian Cream Coconut Cake {Granny's Recipe}

Italian Cream Coconut Cake , tender buttermilk, and coconut layers of cake smothered in rich coconut pecan cream cheese icing.  A coconut lover's dream! In 1973, I was working for the Texas Railroad Commission in an office with several talented cooks.

Inspirational Thoughts #4

Restoring the Dignity and Sanctity Of The Home with Devi Titus.  Learn why the home is the most important aspect of your life in her new series.  Love this woman of God!