Perfectly Cooked Steak Bites

Steak Bites, bite-size pieces of tender sirloin steak marinated in avocado oil, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, minced garlic, salt, and pepper.  Perfect for an elegant main dish or as an appetizer for any family gathering.  I have the secret how to cook the steak bites perfectly! Sometimes I just want to cook outside the box.  When I think steak, I think grilled steak, baked potatoes, and a nice side salad.  Steak Bites are definitely outside the box. You might think outside the box means labor intensive, lots of ingredients, and expensive ingredients.  Not Steak Bites!

Magic Green Beans

Magic Green Beans , baked in a casserole dish with all the sweet, savory and amazing flavors of the fancy green bean bundles that are so popular in fine dining restaurants and around the holidays without all the fuss!   Have you made the Green Bean Bundles?  These fancy little bundles are a lot of trouble to make, but for our fancy Christmas dinner, Prime Rib, Smashed Fingerling Potatoes, Green Salad, and hot buttered rolls, nothing is too much trouble. Green Bean Bundles just go with our fancy menu. The Green Bean Bundles are so easy to put together, but they are very time consuming when you need to make enough to serve a large crowd.   Who doesn't love the flavor of bacon wrapped around a bundle of green beans, and a combination of brown sugar, butter, salt, and Worchester sauce poured over them and baked to perfection?

King Ranch Chicken {The Perfect Casserole}

King Ranch Chicken, tortillas, chicken, peppers, creamy sauce layered together in this Classic Southern casserole.  You might say King Ranch Chicken is the perfect casserole! King Ranch Chicken is a family favorite.  It's probably the best combination of Mexican flavors in a casserole of all time.   My family adores this casserole.  My recipe for King Ranch Chicken is one of those recipes that feed an army.  You can make two pans.  Most of the time, if I am making a casserole and going to the trouble of chopping and mixing.   Why not make two?

Skillet Creamy Mustard Chicken

Skillet Creamy Mustard Chicken , chicken thighs smothered in a creamy sauce made with chicken broth, a little heavy cream, whole grain mustard, and avocado oil.   Simple low carb idea. Looking for another tasty chicken recipe?  Have I got one for you?  We are a huge fan of bone-in chicken thighs anyway you cook them.  But these creamy mustard chicken thighs are my favorite.   The chicken thighs are patted dry, seasoned and brush with a portion of the grainy mustard on the chicken before cooking.  

Weeknight Family Supper Meal: #6 Hobo Dinners

Weeknight Family Supper Meal , an inspiration for a meal any night of the week that may include ideas how to make part of the meal ahead, how to freeze any leftovers or how to make leftovers into a makeover for another meal.    Hobo Dinners are the perfect meal to make on a busy weeknight.  The hamburger, potatoes, carrots and celery and onions are all cooked in a foil packet making clean up virtually nonexistent. To change things up sometimes I add a wedge of cabbage.  Season each layer of vegetables to keep the whole meal flavorful. 

Old Fashioned New Potatoes and Peas in a White Sauce {Granny's Recipe}

Old Fashioned  New Potatoes and Peas , sometimes called Southern New Potatoes in a White Sauce.  There is one thing for sure about this recipe for New Potatoes, and English Peas smothered in a creamy white sauce, it has been around for ages.  My Mother passed it down to me, and her Mother passed it down to her, tried and true recipe. The first vegetable I want to eat in the spring from our garden growing up is new potatoes and fresh English peas. Mother would wash and scrap the new potatoes, slice them, or you can also quarter them if you like a chunkier potato.  While the potatoes are cooking, she makes the white sauce. I want to let you know I use leftover new potatoes at times to make a leftover makeover dish.  Especially in the summer when new potatoes are plentiful from the garden.  Boil the potatoes and eat them with butter and fresh herbs refrigerate the leftovers and then the next day use them to make New Potatoes in a White Sauce. Growing up mostly, I enjoy

Rush Hour Supper {A Family Favorite One Pot Meal}

Rush Hour Super is an old recipe using ground beef that my Mother in law gave me when I first got married. Something Easy and Quick is what she helped me learn to cook. Sometime in the late 80's my Mother in law gave me this recipe for Rush Hour Supper that someone had given her, that someone had given them, and so on. Isn't it like that, you get a recipe from someone, that gets it from someone, and then you never know where it originated from. All I know is that this recipe was a staple in our house when my children were growing up.

Weeknight Family Supper Meal: #5 Spaghetti Pie

Weeknight Family Supper Meal,  an inspiration for a meal any night of the week that may include ideas how to make part of the meal ahead, how to freeze any leftovers or how to make leftovers into a makeover for another meal.   With Valentine's Day next Wednesday, I thought you might like a meal for the special occasion.  When my children were small, we chose to celebrate the moment with our children at the family table instead of a quiet romantic meal just husband and me.  I would set the table with the fine china, crystal tea glasses, real cloth napkins and well the silverware was our everyday. I would serve a one pot dish, like Shrimp Creole over buttered rice, green salad, and for dessert, we would have chocolate cake.  Oh, the memories are flooding in.  sniff sniff!

Weeknight Family Supper Meal: #4 Salmon Croquettes

Weeknight Family Supper Meal , an inspiration for a meal one night of the week that may include ideas how to make part of the meal ahead, how to freeze any leftovers or how to make leftovers into a makeover for another meal.   Most people don't know how easy it is to make salmon croquettes.  Mix up a few ingredients, mince onions, egg, and seasoning in a bowl, roll them into small little rolls, roll them around some saltine cracker crumbs and fry in oil.  Voila, salmon croquettes.   See how easy, and oh! so delicious.  Perfect for a weeknight meal.

Southern Fried Cabbage with Kielbasa, LTYB, Low Carb, Gluten Free

Southern Fried Cabbage with Kielbasa , is a quick and easy one skillet meal for a busy weeknight supper.  Delicious, satisfying, and inexpensive, who could ask for more? Fried Cabbage is a regular side dish around our supper table.  Jim loves cabbage period, and so do I.  We usually add some kind of cabbage dish to our meal rotation two or three times a month.    Cabbage is low carb and has healthy nutrients and fiber.  It can be fried in different fats all the way from rich bacon fat to healthy avocado oil which is what I cooked it in this time. Although, I really like to cook cabbage in bacon fat we are trying to eat healthy these days so for this recipe I started the dish by cooking some thickly sliced turkey kielbasa chunks.