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Pumpkin Recipes

Ten plus recipes made with pumpkin, canned, or fresh.  I have included cakes, cinnamon rolls, muffins, soups, and a recipe for the most delicious Honey Pumpkin Cornbread. Are you a fan of pumpkin recipes?  I can't wait for Pumpkin season.  It seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Even though some of the pumpkin products may be marketing ploys some people seem to welcome it back every year. Part of the hoopla is the warmth the fall season brings, mugs of apple cider and pumpkin bread, playing in the leaves, and wrapping up in cozy blankets.

Cranberry Raspberry Crumb Bars

. I am so happy to be guest posting for Melissa from Served Up with Love today.  I wish we lived next door to each other so we can share our recipes with a morning cup of coffee like we did at the Southern Food Bloggers Retreat.

Buckeye Fudge

Buckeye Fudge  is a creamy peanut butter fudge layer covered with a thick layer of chocolate ganache.  This is the best way I can describe it.  Two amazing fudge flavors stacked on top of each other.    Like Christin says, peanut butter and chocolate, "What's not to love! I have heard of Buckeye Candy before, but I have never made it for some reason.  I  can't imagine why.  I first became aware of the Buckeye Fudge version from Christin over at Spicy Southern Kitchen . As soon as I saw this fudge on her website,  I wanted to make it, and I knew it would be perfect in our  Christmas treat boxes. It is absolutely the best fudge. It is close to becoming my favorite fudge, with my Mother's Millionaire Fudge being my favorite.

Jennifer's Tiger Butter Popcorn + Living Letters for Kids Book 1

Tiger Butter Popcorn is a twist on the popular tiger butter candy you see in all the candy stores in the mall, just as rich and scrumptious.    This summer, we celebrated the birth of our  ninth  grandchild. I am continuing a series of posts with my daughter's favorite food, which we served at her baby shower. 

20+ Christmas Sweet Treats

Giving trays of homemade cookies and candies for gifts is a great way to celebrate the season. People always love getting cookies and boxes of homemade candy right up to Christmas and through to the New Year. Don’t wait to start baking.  With Christmas just around the corner, baking is in full swing at my house. I love this time of the year, and I love putting together Christmas treat boxes and trays.  It is still early enough to do some holiday baking. 

Rolo Pretzel Delights

Rolo Pretzel Delights , mini pretzels, caramel cover candies, M&Ms,  and pecans make up these wonderful, delicious treats.  These are ingredients you can have stocked in your pantry for the holidays.  Rolo Pretzel Delights   are incredibly delicious treats that will wow your family and friends. Adults and children alike will enjoy making them. The pretzel treats are easy and fun to make.   Everyone will go crazy for these sweet and salty treats.

The New Healthy Chocolate No Bake Cookie Bars

If you are looking for a healthy, clean eating sweet treat, you are in luck.  Chocolate No Bake Cookie Bars are the bomb!    The New Healthy No Bake Cookie Bar This is an easy healthy version of the beloved Chocolate No Bake Cookie recipe Americans love so much but made with coconut oil. 

Blackberry Crumb Bars and Labor Day Eats!

Blackberry Crumb Bars are the easiest bar recipe you can make.  They are made with few ingredients that you probably already have on hand. These would be great to make this Labor Day Weekend!  Enjoy!

Sugar Cookie Bars {The Perfect Easter Cookie}

Sugar Cookie Bars , soft tender cookie dough baked in a sheet pan, frosted with vanilla buttercream, taste just like the classic sugar cookie.   Who doesn't love a thick frosted sugar cookie?  If you want the perfect taste of sugar cookies without all the work of rolling them out and cutting them out, then you will love these Sugar Cookie Bars . These cookies meet all the hype around the blog world about how easy they are to make.  If you don't have time to fuss with making Easter cookies, these will be the perfect ones to make.  Hope you get to make some soon.  Enjoy!

Reese's Copycat Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese's Copycat Peanut Butter Eggs  are fun, easy Easter treats that mimic the classic ones sold in stores.  They are fabulously delicious. Make them yourself. Reese's Copycat Peanut Butter Easter Eggs How to have fun at Easter is by dipping homemade peanut butter eggs with children and adults alike.  Give them away in cute Easter bags tied with ribbon.   Don't you just love copycat recipes?  Especially when you can make your very favorite Easter candy yourself.

Lemon Apricot Lush Dessert {A cool and refreshing dessert for Easter!}

The recipe for this Lemon Apricot Lush Dessert  is a lighter version of the traditional Lemon Lush desserts you see over the internet.  Sometimes you want a cool and refreshing dessert after you have eaten rich food.  Lemon desserts just brighten anyone's meal.   Lemon Apricot Lush Dessert  would be a perfect dessert to serve for  Easter.  This recipe only calls for 4 ingredients and comes together quickly.  Just put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and it is ready to serve.    Hope you make it soon.  Enjoy!

Lunch Lady Brownies

A lunch lady from Idaho introduced these perfectly rich, fudgy chocolate brownies more than 50 years ago. OLD SCHOOL BROWNIES So happy the lunch ladies in our school cafeterias introduced us to these fabulous fudge brownies.  When I grew up in the 60s and 70s, the cafeteria food was fantastic.  Many of their recipes have graced the tables of our parents for years. The Lunch Lady Brownies are my new favorite brownie.  I am obsessed with pinning every brownie recipe that comes across the Pinterest boards.   How did we ever discover new recipes before Pinterest?

White Chocolate Cherry Nut Cookies

Cookie trays are the perfect dessert around the holidays because they can be made in advance and are easy to serve with little fanfare.  They are the star on the table of any gathering. My daughter-in-law, Brandy, adapted this recipe for White Chocolate Cherry Nut Cookies from my recipe for Chocolate Drizzled Cherry Delights .   She came up with the idea to add white chocolate chips and pecans to the cookie batter and drizzle white chocolate over them.  Turns out I really like these over the chocolate ones.   Since there are some in the family that prefers the chocolate ones, that's the reason you make both and let everyone choose for themselves. These White Chocolate Cherry Nut Cookies are soft and chewy with chunks of white chocolate, chopped candied cherries, and crunchy pecans in a Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.   These cookies are so easy and quick to make.  Don't underestimate the flavor and richness of this holiday cookie. White Chocolate Cherry

Holly Jolly Christmas Oreos {An Easy and Fun Treat for Christmas!}

How do you make an Oreo cookie better?  Covering it in luscious chocolate is how.  If you haven't tried this easy, fun way to make  Holly Jolly Oreos ,  you are in for a wonderful surprise.

Coconut Macaroons {An Easy and Tasty Recipe using Eagle Brand Condensed Milk}

Coconut Macaroons are an elegant cookie, yet easy and almost effortless to make.  This classic macaroon is made with a few ingredients, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, and egg whites.    Whisk everything together and scoop them out on a baking sheet.   How easy is that?   They are wonderfully delicious!   The traditional macaroon has been around for eons.   I think it is my favorite, but who says you can't mess with perfection and place a chocolate kiss in the center to make Macaroon Kisses.   Or dip the bottom in chocolate and drizzle chocolate over the top, or even add a cherry in the center to make them look cute.  Hope you enjoy the recipe!   Merry Christmas !

Millionaire Fudge

Millionaire Fudge, the perfect old fashioned recipe that will make everyone want to go down memory lane for grandma's fudge recipes.  GRANNY'S MILLIONAIRE FUDGE RECIPE This Millionaire Fudge recipe is super easy to make, no thermometer required, and will exceed all your expectations of having the perfect homemade fudge.  Millionaire Fudge is my favorite fudge of all time.  It is only the most incredibly scrumptious fudge you will ever eat. In the 1950s, Mamie Eisenhower introduced marshmallow whip creme to fudge recipes, changing the whole concept of how easy it is to make, not to mention how delicious it is.

Gingerbread Oreo Truffles {So Simple To Make ~ Yet So Decadent!}

Gingerbread Oreo Truffles , a mixture of crushed gingerbread Oreos and cream cheese, and then dipped in chocolate almond bark.  Simple to make and yet so decadent. My family is obsessed with Oreos, Double Stuffed ones to be exact.  This weekend we opened our first batch of the Gingerbread ones for this year.   Gingerbread Oreos  are seasonal, only coming out in the stores around the first of November.  As soon as I see them in the stores, the first thing I think about is making these decadent Gingerbread Oreo Truffles .

Pumpkin Magic Bars

Pumpkin Magic Bars, perfect combination of pumpkin cookie mix, cinnamon chips, dark chocolate chips, coconut, pecans and magical ingredient sweetened condensed milk.  Nothing is lacking in this layered cookie recipe. The little dessert bar called by many names from 7 Layer Bars , Hello Dolly Cookies Bars  and the most popular,  Magic Cookie Bars  have made another appearance in our house.

Easter Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Chocolate Dipped Oreos , as double stuffed Oreos are amazing enough and then comes dipping them in chocolate. Oh, my!  Super easy and fast to make for any holiday treat. This year for Easter, I was determined to make some Chocolate Dipped Oreos .  We had these treats for Christmas this year, and they were the bomb.  So much so, I had to hide a few just to give out some in my Christmas Gift Boxes .  This recipe has been circling Pinterest for awhile now.  I would see them a lot, and then they would go out of site, but around the holidays, they come back around.   They truly are amazing, not to mention C-R-A-Z-Y easy to make..  You think---how can you make Oreos, which are already amazing, even better.  Just dip them in chocolate and you will see!

Chocolate Cherry Blossoms {Behind The Curtain Dessert Challenge}

Chocolate Cherry Blossoms, a  retro chocolate cordial candy sitting on top of a rich chocolate cooking.  Now that is a winning flavor combination for a Valintine Celebration. I am happy to participate in Behind The Curtain Dessert Challenge this month hosted by a blogger friend, Sheryl from Lady Behind The Curtain .  This month's challenge is cherries and chocolate, so today I am bringing  Chocolate Cherry Blossoms.  These cookies are easy and quick to make into a holiday treat.   Valentine's is today and what better time to make them.   All you need is 4 ingredients, a bought cookie mix, butter, cocoa, and an egg.    The cookie mix has a perfect texture, and I went with the Cherry Cordials to push down in the center.   You may want to use Cordial Kisses if you prefer, but there is just something nostalgic about the cordial cherries I couldn't pass up.   I have fond memories as a child getting them for a Christmas gift.