Grandma's Slumber Night Party 2009

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The highlight of the year for me is when I have our annual “Grandma Slumber Night Party” where all the grandchildren come for a time of making memories. We have individual crafts centers, each one makes their own individual pizza, and then we watch a movie that makes us all laugh. The theme is always God centered and full of fun!

2009 Grandma's Slumber Night Party

"The Apple of God's Eye"

As November was soon coming to an end, and I needed to begin to think about when to have this year's Grandma's Slumber Night Party, and what the theme was going to be. I decided to have it the Tuesday night before the Thanksgiving weekend when all of my grand children were going to be here together. While I was deciding on what the theme was going to be, I couldn't put out of my mind the words in one of my blog post "You Are The Apple of God's Eyes", and it seemed fitting since I still had an abundance of apples. The whole night was all about "Apples".

Instead of making our pizza this year, we started the night off with Sam's pizza and apple cider. As you can see they are so excited and anticipating all the fun we are about to have.

Over the years, I have saved leftovers from various craft projects and put them back in a bag for a special time such as this. I have this huge bag filled with all kinds and colors of yarn, Velcro, and thread, etc. for crafts. One of the crafts was to create a face with these articles on a print out sheet of a big apple. They all turned out so cute and creative as you can see, and the likeness of who they were creating is remarkable. Then I gave them only two magic markers to color a basket of apples and then at the end I gave them a glitter pen that was another color. Can you see how their imaginations ran wild.

One of my favorite things to do when my children were small was to display their crafts or artwork all over the house. After all, we should be their biggest fans and show them how important they are and that this is a reflection of how God feels about them, that they are the "Apple of God's Eye". So that is what I did with my grand children's artwork, I displayed them and took their pictures with them. I have a place that I keep their artwork from past Grandma's Slumber Night Parties and sometimes they just like to go and look through them and see all the different things they have made.
When we finished the crafts, we were ready to make our caramel apples. To make it easier I used Kraft Caramel Bits. You just melt the Kraft Caramel Bits with a few tablespoons of water and dip you apples in and cool before eating. While the caramel was still hot, I let each one decorate and embellish their apple to their liking with M & M's, coconut, chopped pecans, peanuts and butterscotch chips. After they decorated their apple they were happy and eager to watch our movie for the evening.

Children will not remember you for the material things
you provided, but for
the feeling that you cherished them.
Kay Little
Kay Little

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